Belford’s Plan

                                                       Photo courtesy of Bellview, Belford

Information gathered at Public meetings in Belford suggested that the community considered the following were important issues for the Belford area plan:

Affordable Housing
Increased employment opportunities
Sustainability – more shops and facilities

The steering group investigated these and the issue of affordable housing was discussed with Ian Stanners from NCC, who has previously worked with a Housing association, and Kirsty Gilmartin, a member of the Homefinder team. The information theysupplied confirmed there is still a need for affordable housing.

The 3 areas of concern are interlinked:

  • There is a need for affordable housing to encourage people to stay in Belford or relocate to Belford.
  • There is a need for identified ‘employment’ land. Increased employment opportunities will create growth in the village - additional employment will require additional housing
  • Increased employment and housing opportunities will help create greater sustainability for Belford.

Other areas of interest at the public meeting were:

Historic buildings and conservation area in Belford


                                                                         Photo of Belford Hall courtesy of Steve Newman, Belford

Where development was preferable:

Transport – including cycling and walking

                                                 Photo courtesy of Ruth Stanton

Improved youth provision

                                                               Playpark fundraiser - photograph courtesy of Tracy Bell 

Encouraging tourism

                                                     Photo courtesy of Steve Newman, Belford

Remember, this is Belford's opportunity to have a real say on what development goes where and what it looks like! What do you think should be included on the Belford Neighbourhood Plan? Read more about it here and then please contact the Steering Group to tell them about any suggestions you have! 




Belford Neighbourhood Plan