Belford Neighbourhood Plan

The Steering Group

The steering group was set up to take forward the Neighbourhood plan. There are six members of the steering group:

Ward Councillor John Woodman is chair of the group;

Three members of the Parish Council: Steve White, Tracy Bell and Brenda Stanton (Vice Chair);

Two members of the community: Ian Graham is an architect with an interest in traffic issues and Geoff O’Connell is Press Officer

Other members of the community will be invited to attend as and when appropriate: a local land owner and his agent have attended a meeting about housing need.

The Parish Clerk, Isabel Hunter, attends to make notes.

The group meets monthly and officers of NCC Planning department are available to give advice at these meetings.

The members act in accordance with the Terms of Reference agreed by the Parish Council, and minutes are available.

Members of the steering group can be contacted through Belford neighbourhood plan website or

or by contacting the Clerk to the Parish Council:



If you would like to volunteer to join the group, or have a specialist skill you would like to share, please contact the Steering Group.