Belford Neighbourhood Plan Timeline


Discussions at Belford PC meetings about developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Geoff O’Connell and then Brenda Stanton attended meetings with other PCs and then the Coastal Neighbourhood plan group.

December 2013

Meeting with representatives from Belford community groups, Cllr John Woodman, David English NCC and BPC to consider whether residents would be interested in a Neighbourhood Plan:

  • The meeting considered boundaries; whether other parish councils would want to be involved in a plan – Adderstone with Lucker and Easington (some legal issues; no parish council).
  • Composition of a steering group – community group, businesses, parish council, Bell view...
  • Public meetings; how to involve residents...
  • A Neighbourhood plan should consider demographics, retaining schools, housing needs, (including availability, affordability, cost, type and second/holiday homes), improving employment opportunities - all of these issues are interlinked
  • Car parking, industrial estate/businesses, high street improvements, shops were also considered
  • Improvements to the A1 and the development of the station platform could improve links to Belford.

January 2014

Meeting with other residents:

  • Similar views expressed
  • BPC decided to go ahead with NP – no interest from Adderstone with Lucker PC.
  • Discussions about including Easington involved agreement of residents or a boundary change.

December 2014

Informal meeting with Easington residents suggested that there was no interest in being part of a Neighbourhood plan. No benefit to the residents.

February 2015

Public meeting in Belford:

  • Residents agreed NP should be developed.
  • Evidence was collected about issues that could be included together with community projects and aspirational ideas.

March 2015

Meeting with Residents

An extra Parish council meeting was held at Bell View on 26 March at 7pm to discuss whether or not to produce a plan. An invitation was sent to all attendees at the Public meeting in February.  A small number of residents attended.

  • Boundary change to include part of Easington parish, (so that all of the industrial estate and station platform location could be included in the NP), was discussed with officers at NCC – could be a very lengthy process.
  • A Steering Group was set up, terms of reference were agreed. JW agreed to chair group, BS to be Vice Chair, IH to attend to record meetings, 2 other Parish councillors and 2 interested residents. ‘Specialists’ and volunteers could be co-opted when necessary.  NCC officers would attend to advise when available/necessary.

May 2015 Steering group meeting - Minutes available on website

June 2015 Steering group meeting- Minutes available on website

July 2015 Steering group meeting- Minutes available on website

August 2015 Steering group meeting- Minutes available on website

Affordable housing

After several meeting with no ‘easy’ outcome to boundary ‘problem’, BPC decided to submit Belford Parish boundary – including Middleton – to NCC as NP boundary

September 2015

NP boundary agreed by NCC

Steering group meeting- Minutes available on website

NP Press Officer appointed

October 2015 Steering group meeting - Minutes available on website

November 2015

Belford NP display at NCC Core strategy meeting in Bellview: Belford residents expressed interest in NP

Belford Neighbourhood Plan website developed:

Steering group meeting - Minutes available on website

January 2016 Steering group meeting - Minutes available on website

Discussion re Vision

Housing survey

February 2016 Steering group meeting


Belford Neighbourhood Plan