Belford Neighbourhood Plan

Vision and Objectives Community Consultation - October 2016

The Neighbourhood Planning Process

Belford Parish Council is taking the lead in creating a Neighbourhood Plan which will cover the parishes of Belford and Middleton. Neighbourhood plans allow local people to shape decisions about how land is used and where development should take place in the future.

The Plan will aim to support the enhancement Belford village and the surrounding neighbourhood area as a place to live, work and visit up until 2031 which will be the end of the Plan period. The Neighbourhood Plan policies, once adopted, will be used by Northumberland County Council as the basis for determining planning applications.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

A Steering Group, chaired by County Councillor John Woodman, was set up by Belford Parish Council to manage preparation of the Plan. The Group includes parish councillors and local residents.

The Steering Group has prepared a draft vision statement and plan objectives which will form the basis for subsequent planning policies. The vision and objectives are based on the issues you told us were most important for the future development of Belford.

Consultation on the Vision & Objectives

The Parish Council are now consulting local residents, businesses and stakeholders on the draft vision and objectives. Consultation will run from Monday 10th October 2016 until Monday 31st October 2016. During this period we will be contacting local community groups, residents and businesses to raise awareness of the draft vision and objectives for the Plan. Comments submitted during the consultation period will be analysed and, if appropriate, will be used to amend the draft vision and objectives for the Plan.


How can you contact us? Submit your comments in any of the following ways:

  • on the back of the consultation brochure you will have received
  • email:
  • submit comments directly via the comments form below
  • write to us and submit your comments at either:  Paper Shop on the High Street, Co-op, Middle School, Sunnyhills Farm Shop or the Community Trust Shop.

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision (October 2016)

The Neighbourhood Plan vision is an overarching statement which describes what we want the Belford Neighbourhood Area to be like by the end of the Plan period. The vision should be concise, locally distinctive and cover what we all hope the area will look like, what it will be like to visit and to live and work here.

 The Belford Neighbourhood Plan Vision is:

“Based upon its central, strategic location in north Northumberland and  connectivity to the A1 Trunk Road, Belford will be a thriving rural hub serving the needs of local residents, businesses and visitors, growing its role as a  springboard to the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Northumberland National Park as well as wider rural destinations.’’

Do you agree with our draft vision for the Belford Neighbourhood Plan?

If you agree with the draft vision please let us know. If you do not agree please tell us what needs to be changed so that the vision represents how you would like the area to be by 2031.

What are Neighbourhood Plan Objectives?

The Belford Neighbourhood Plan Area

 The Neighbourhood plan objectives

describe the changes we think are

necessary to help to deliver the vision

for the Neighbourhood Area. The

objectives need to relate to land use

issues and should be broad statements

of intent. They should clearly be linked

to the issues we are seeking to address

through the Belford Neighbourhood Plan.

The objectives are shown below.






Belford Neighbourhood Draft Plan Objectives- Tell us what you think

Neighbourhood Plan Theme 1– ‘Village Life’

Objective 1a: To increase the existing number and quality of shops and services to reduce the need to travel out of the village to meet needs.

Objective 1b: Deliver both sustainably located new housing of an appropriate character which sustains the village population and a diversified employment base to maintain opportunities for local employment.

Neighbourhood Plan Theme 2 – ‘High Street rejuvenation’

 Objective 2a: To rejuvenate the high street by designing and implementing a comprehensive programme of highway improvements to prioritise the needs of residents and pedestrians and visitors to create a destination of interest and identity.

 Objective 2b: To work in partnership to protect and enhance the original character and function of the high street, encouraging opportunities to improve the streetscape and its overall attractiveness.

Neighbourhood Plan Theme 3 - ‘Doing Business’

Objective 3a: To overcome obstacles which currently prevent Belford from having a vibrant and enterprising economic environment by building upon Belford’s improved physical and Information and communications technology connectivity.

Neighbourhood Plan Theme 4 – ‘Improving Connectivity’

Objective 4a: To promote and encourage investment and improvement in active travel routes which promote walking and cycling within the village and its hinterland.

Objective 4b: To improve important public transport connections which enable sustainable travel to other areas.
Neighbourhood Plan Theme 5 – ‘Protecting our heritage and embracing the future’

Objective 5a: To proactively protect and manage the Belford conservation area to maintain its integrity and enhance it’s potential to underpin the visitor economy.

Objective 5b: To recognise and promote opportunities elsewhere within the village for innovative sustainable and energy efficient design that adds to the architectural richness of the townscape.

Belford Neighbourhood Plan Draft Vision- Tell us what you think



The consultation runs from Monday 10th October 2016 and all responses should reach us by 4pm on Monday 31st October 2016.