Belford Neighbourhood Plan

What do you think?

A plan could include:

  • Designation of a boundary for preferred future housing development
  • Development within the countryside should include re-use or diversification of redundant farm buildings
  • Designation of a preferred area for commercial development.
  • Designation of preferred land for employment?
  • Would you support houses in the High Street to be returned into retail?
  • Community Assets - a list of specific buildings and land to be created to protect them within the plan area?
  • Protection of Green Open Spaces including school and sports fields?
  • A policy to cover the Conservation Area of Belford - do residents want a Conservation Area policy or guidance notes for the Conservation Area?
  • Can a neighbourhood plan be used to help increase tourism to the area?  Dark sky approach to attract visitors or by developing a cycling hub
  • Youth provisions – what new facilities are needed?
  • Transport: including bus services, stopping trains, car parking, safety aspects such as:                    For bicycle users - perhaps new developments should include cycle paths?                          Footpaths for pedestrians - should future development be within a reasonable walking distance to the centre of Belford?
  • Improvement of A1- whilst this is aspirational and outside a neighbourhood plan remit recent proposals could assist our vision in the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Proposals for the Belford railway station platform


Local organisations, such as churches, schools, community groups, health services, businesses, interest groups and others who may have an interest will be consulted during the preparation of the plan.

If you have a view, please contact the Steering Group.